Marilyn Monroe and Phil

marilyn monroe and phil

Background of this true story is:
Marilyn Monroe went to the Actors Studio when she was in her
late 20s, in the 1950s, and was already a movie star. Lee Strasberg, in charge, assigned her to do a scene with a almost nebbish-looking unknown younger actor named Phil.

AT RISE: the duet opens in Phil’s dumpy upstairs small apartment , somewhere in Manhattan.

He is on the phone with a classmate and hints he was assigned a scene to do with someone famous. But actually Phil does not believe Marilyn will really call him. Besides he suffers from an inferiority complex.

When Marilyn does arrive with Phil, at his apartment, she cannot believe what she sees: litter and dirt; soiled pizza boxes and empty Chinese food containers; the floor a filthy mess, walls stained, etc.

What does Marilyn Monroe do? What happens? Read the play and find out